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Get back to full potential

If your system is over 8 year old and your green energy production has stopped or decreased, this could be one of a few reasons.

  • A simple loose connection that needs tracing and repairing
  • Your inverter has come to the end of it's life span and has failed.
  • Your batteries are starting to age (batteries roughly have a 10,000 charging cycle age)
  • Wildlife could have nested under your roof panels causing issues.
  • Shading from trees or other buildings.

Whatever the reason, we are here to help and get your yield back to its full potential.

System Upgrades
System Upgrades
System Upgrades

Shading On Your Panels?

Solar Edge is a well respected market leading brand we use. Their inverters and optimisers are specifically designed to increase the output production of your solar PV should your PV panels be in the shade from overlooking buildings or new organic growth such as fast growing trees.

System Upgrades

Upgrade your Invertor and batteries

Older systems may still be using a string inverter that requires a separate AC charger. Whilst these systems work well, they are cumbersome, take up more space and rely on older technology.

Upgrading to a hybrid inverter not only takes less space up, but uses newer technology that does the job of both the string inverter and the AC charger.

System Upgrades